Fabien De MeesterFabien De Meester, Ph.D., was until recently the President & CEO of the Luxembourg-based family-owned group BNLfood (www.bnlfood.com), formerly Belgian-based Belovo SA, Egg Science & Technology. The brand ‘Belovo’ stands for ‘Belgian Egg’ (Latin translation).
The group has specialised itself in the fractionation of eggs into value-added ingredients for the Food, Infant Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries. In addition, the company has developed the Columbus Concept (www.columbus-concept.com), a program that pioneers “wild-type lipid nutrition”, ie balanced essential dietary/plasma fatty acid ratio and healthy dietary/blood cholesterol.
Dr. De Meester is a PhD in Protein Chemistry from the University of Liège (ULg) in Belgium. He was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) of Israel where he specialized in Molecular Biology. Then, he returned to Belgium, studied for an Executive Master Degree in General Management (CEPAC) at the Solvay Business School (SBS) and finally joined the family company at the age of 30 where he initially led the Research-Development-Production departments while reshuffling the management of the company onto modern ISO-standards. In early 99, upon retirement of his father, he became the President & CEO of the Belovo company and on 1st January 2006 the BNLfood group was established. On 1st May 2009, he decided to step down from d2d management at BNLfood and to create his own venture, DMF, to further develop and promote his ideas on the market.
His goals and strategy are to catalyse sustainable changes in the Egg/Food Industry towards the inception of a modern Science- & Technology–led Business in the Global Economy.
Dr. De Meester has published over 50 research articles, patents and communications on topics related to Organic Chemistry, Enzymology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Food Science & Business, and has organized a series of international workshops on the Columbus Concept. He has recently launched a 2-D concept of holistic health (www.tsimtsoum.net) that studies body-mind interactions at chrono-biological level.
Dr. De Meester is author of the European Patent PCT WO (EP07102973.0) “Method For The Prevention Of Chronic Inflammation-Associated Degenerative Diseases”, which is the result of a 20-yr commitment to the field of lipids and fatty acids, their physiologic role in human, the importance of their relative proportion in diet and blood (Omega-6 Status), and their health-related outcomes. An ever growing number of people around the world resume with health and active life following his kind advice on how to avoid degenerative diseases.
Dr. De Meester keeps on improving human health through innovative psycho-somatic approaches including the study of vascular rhythms.


agnieszkawilczynskaDr Agnieszka Wilczyńska graduated from Wrocław University where she majored in psychology and pedagogy. Afterwards she completed post-graduate studies in psychotherapy and counselling at establishments recommended by the Polish Psychological Society (Laboratory of Psychoeducation). In 2000 she obtained her doctor’s degree at Silesian University. Agnieszka Wilczyńska is a member of the International Association of Applied Psychology and Indian Society of Cardiology. She is also the president of the Coaching Section of the Polish Psychological Society and a certified psychotherapist of the European Association for Psychotherapy.
Dr Wilczyńska is an author and promoter of social initiatives aimed at human development. Since her university studies i.e. for over twenty years of her social and professional activity she has been searching for solutions supporting psychosocial development of humans and maintaining their well-being and optimum psychosomatic condition.
In 1993 Agnieszka Wilczyńska founded the Partner Training Centre (www.partner.gliwice.pl),  where she’s been focusing on medical and educational activities. The Partner Centre consists of a Non-public Health Care Institution – Mental Health Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adolescents, Mental Health Outpatient Clinic for Adults and Speech Therapy Center. The Partner Training Center is recommended and certified by state and private institutions such as ISO or Chief Education Officer.
Dr Wilczyńska has also co-founded and implemented scientific and social projects including the Domain of Development Foundation in Gliwice (www.domenarozwoju.pl) and a non-profit TsimTsoum Institute in Cracow (www.tsimtsoum.net).
Dr Wilczyńska is a senior lecturer at Silesian University, author of numerous scientific publications both in Poland and worldwide, frequent lecturer at scientific conferences on psychosocial functioning of individuals at risk of social exclusion due to bad health or social situation. Her interests also include psychosomatic aspects of human functioning.
Agnieszka Wilczyńska’s activities aim to promote and support individual’s well-being in social and occupational situations as well as to promulgate opportunities of comprehensive development of humans free from hazards posed by non-communicable diseases like allergy, depression, cancer and cardio-vascular diseases.
In the scope of her scientific interests there are also psychophysiology and studying the influence of tissue composition on  psychosomatic functioning and maintaining of health. Dr Wilczynska also studies chronobiological and vascular rythms, she cooperates with physicians and biochemists to implement holistic approach to patien’s health within preventive medicine.