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DMF-PL is the 1:1 belgo-polish daughter joint venture company of the international DMF platform of companies (www.dmfrontiers.com) whose purpose is to promoting, selling and servicing products and services developed under the expertise, control and responsibility of the TsimTsoum Insitute (www.tsimtsoum.net):

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Evidence-based Psychosomatic Health



A Tentative Mind-Body Approach To Preventive Personalized Medicine. DMF's Vision is to ethically promote detection of pre-Metabolic Syndrome (pMS) and preventive measures that in turn readily enable each Individual to seek his/her best possible physical, mental, psychological and psychosocial performance.

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DMF-PL's Mission is to distribute tools and means for the diagnosis of pre-metabolic syndrome (pMS) and the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs):

  • To offer non-obtrusive diagnostic devices for ambulatory mind-body monitoring and analysis, with special attention to gender & individual biological rhythms,
  • To offer non-invasive diagnostic kits for blood biomarkers of mind-body health and ill- health,
  • To offer innovative nutritional & socio-psychological standards that help blunt epigenetic and epigenomic variability among individuals.
  • To work on distribution / reimbursement by Health Authorities, by facilitating:

• Establishment approved laboratories for analyses of mind-body specific biomarkers,

• Financial support of large prospective epidemiological and clinical mind-body related studies,

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